Weekly Update 217

This week's update had a load of questions so even whilst the planned content didn't consume a lot of time, audience engagement was great and I appreciate all the input. The big excitement for me was that Ubiquiti doorbell and whilst that might seem like a small thing, I'm absolutely loving it and the ability to answer it from anywhere whilst also integrating it into Home Assistant and triggering events like Sonos text to speech is really cool. Check it out in the links below or here me talk about it in the video, it rocks 😎

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  1. My (ISC)² award arrived! (it's a beautiful piece I'm very humbled to have received)
  2. I killed some time messing with an SEO spammer (what do you mean Troy Hunt sucks?!)
  3. The Reply All episode I referred to is number 102, Long Distance (this is where they track down a Windows virus scam operator by travelling to India)
  4. I loaded a bunch more data breaches into HIBP (and there's still a big backlog I'm working through)
  5. I finally got my Ubiquiti doorbell installed (this is a really nice unit, plus the Sonos integration is pretty cool 😎)
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