Weekly Update 220

It's a lighter weekly update this week, kinda feels like I'm still recovering from last week's epic IoT series TBH. It's also the last update from home before I go on my first decent trip since the whole pandemic thing started and as such, the next five updates will all come from other locations, some of them rather, uh, "remote". But there's still an hour of content today including the fact that it's HIBP's birthday 🎂

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  1. It's Have I Been Pwned's birthday 🎂 (that's the launch blog post, how things have changed... and yet stayed the same)
  2. Apparently, "red" Texans don't like being told their password is crap (and other ridiculous insights)
  3. Also on stupid emails, apparently I'm gonna be in trouble with the law - today (nothing further yet, but of course I'll share any updates 🙂)
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