Weekly Update 221

Well this is different; a weekly update bereft of neon studio lighting and instead done from the great outdoors, complete with all sorts of animal noises and a (probably) drunk green tree frog. I picked one of my favourite travelling companions to join me this week, a little guy I last did one of these with in a very different environment back in Oslo earlier this year. I've really been trying to focus my time on family so the Aussie travels dominate this week, but there's a little tech sprinkled in as well. It's all pre-recorded this week thanks to bandwidth that's barely sufficient for a tweet (I had to travel to a nearby town just to get this uploaded!) Next week I expect to have better coverage so circumstances permitting, I'll go back to the livestream format. For now though, I hope you enjoy this week's rather different video:

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  1. If you're interested in where I am and what I'm seeing, I'm publishing pics each day (that's a link through to my public Facebook profile which has a lot more personal content on it than Twitter does)
  2. Pluto TV had themselves a data breach they decided not to tell people about (if I can explain why that's wrong to an 11-year old, they shouldn't be getting it wrong in the first place!)
  3. Peatix also had a data breach which hit the news a couple of weeks ago before going into HIBP last week (Japanese origin service so a much smaller crossover of impacted accounts in HIBP)
  4. And so did FireEye (that one somewhat more serious given the nature of the organisation and the likely nation state origins of it)
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