Weekly Update 222

I'm live again! Well, I was live having found enough connectivity in Port Douglas to go back to streaming. I'll still be here next week too and will plan on doing a Christmas morning stream from the same location. I talk a bunch about the trip and what I'm seeing in Aus in the latter part of this video, it's a truly amazing place I'm only just getting to really see extensively now. That said, the present COVID outbreak in Sydney may impact the final leg in the trip as the government guidance now stipulates that we'd need to be tested on re-entry to Queensland and self-isolate until a test result is returned. Whilst not planning to go anywhere near Sydney metro, the final 2 nights of our trip had us in the Blue Mountains which is still considered "Greater Sydney" so unless things dramatically improve in the next couple of weeks, we'll be giving that location a wide berth. Oh - and I also talk about some cyber things, enjoy 🙂

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  1. The massive road trip continues! (that's a tweet thread with pics from each day as I travel around the country)
  2. NordVPN has released their Cybersecurity A-Z guide (this is a great resource for everyone, techie or not)
  3. Someone sent me through tens of thousands of customer records from a healthcare website (that's a link to a previous incident, point is it just keeps happening over and over again)
  4. SolarWinds, solarwinds123 and trusting updates (this is so multi-faceted on so many levels)
  5. Sponsored by: 1Password is a secure password manager and digital wallet that keeps you safe online
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