Weekly Update 242

A fairly hectic week this one, in a large part due to chasing down really flakey network issues that are causing devices (namely Shelly relays) to be inaccessible. I suspect it's ARP related and as of now, it's still not fully resolved. You know how much shit breaks in a connected house when devices become inaccessible? Lots. But hey, at least I've finally automated my aircon!

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  1. I've had a heap of issues with my Shellys on my Ubiquiti network (thought I had it fixed after recording this but now, not so much...)
  2. I joined the Phil DeFranco show this week (I really enjoyed this and apparently, heaps of other people did too)
  3. My aircon woes are almost over, courtesy of a SwitchBot Bot (I would have loved an IR or native solution, but neither was feasible)
  4. Somewhere between 95% and 99% of the time we spend browsing the web is now done over encrypted connections (but there's still tons of websites not enforcing it)
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