Weekly Update 243

This one is a real short intro as right now, it hurts to type (copy and paste is earlier 😊): I’m Back at a *REAL* Conference; Dealing with RSI; Shellies and MQTT; My IoT Aircon Hack; Drowning in Data Breaches.

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  1. I've been at a real conference this week, with people and all! (that's a tweet with pics of the environment)
  2. I've also been dealing with some pretty unpleasant RSI (link to the blog post on my ergonomic setup, do invest early in this folks)
  3. My automated IoT aircon integration is complete! (yes, it's a little mechanical arm pushing a button but it works beautifully 😎)
  4. What you see on the HIBP timeline is only a tiny slice of the data breaches I'm presently dealing with (I still need to find a way to make this more sustainable)
  5. Sponsored by: SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?
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