Weekly update 25

This isn't intentional, but I know these updates are starting to get a bit longer. Ok, last week was a bit mega with Cloudbleed and CloudPets, but this week, well, I just talked until I felt I was done. Let me know if you think this is too long, not long enough, not working well etc, I'm still playing with the formula and learning as I go here.

Anyway, this week I talk about the wifi bits Ubiquiti kindly sent me and how I (totally unnecessarily) used them to increase the coverage I get on my jet ski (and the coverage a large chunk of my neighbourhood gets). There's a heap of angles on the CIA toys WikiLeaks has covered plus I talk a bunch about loading in that massive trove of 1.4 billion spam records (which ultimately distilled down to somewhat less than that).

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  1. Nobody wants poor wifi on their jet ski (ok, but seriously, the Ubiquiti mesh stuff is pretty cool...)
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