Weekly Update 256

Well this week went on for a bit, an hour and 6 mins in all. The 2 Apple things were particularly interesting due to the way in which both catching CSAM baddies and catching baddies who steal your things involves using technology that can be abused. Is it good tech because it can do good things? Bad tech because it can do bad things? Or is tech just morally neutral and we need to look at it more holistically? I argue the latter, but also acknowledge the views of both camps at either end of the argument. I think they're wrong (the extremes almost always are), but discuss them anyway 🙂

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  1. Apple will start looking for known Child Sexual Abuse Material within people's photos (this is a really polarising topic, my thoughts within)
  2. Here's a really cool story of how AirTags were used to recover a stolen scooter (tracking can be good)
  3. Here's a really creepy story of how AirTags could be abused to stalk someone (tracking can be bad)
  4. The Turkish gov is now on HIBP (they're now the 26th gov with more in the pipeline)
  5. Firefox's in private mode now defaults all requests to be secure (yep, even when explicitly typing in the insecure scheme)
  6. I finally got around to updating Why No HTTPS? (still a heap of sites out there not doing secure connections right)
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