Weekly Update 260

An early one today as I made space in the schedule to get out on the water 😎 I'm really liking the new Apple AirTags, I'm disliking some of the international media coverage about Australia's COVID situation, another gov onto HIBP and a blog post I've wanted to write for a long time on biometrics. That last one in particularly I felt was really important as time and time again, I hear these irrational statements from people about the perceived "risks" of biometrics and in particular, the belief that you can somehow how representations of your body parts "stolen" in such a way that they can circumvent modern day auth controls. Nope and nope!

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  1. The AirTag "anti-stalking" feature is pretty cool (precisely how it works is a bit of a mystery, but that's what it looks like)
  2. Australia has copped some negative press internationally regarding the present COVID uptick (the reality on the ground is very different to some of the press I've seen)
  3. The Czech Republic is now the 27th gov on HIBP (there are more in the wings, there's always more!)
  4. I finally got around to tackling some of the misconceptions around biometrics (in modern devices, they're almost always a better option than PINs)
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