Weekly Update 261

Never a dull moment! Most important stuff this week is talking about next week, namely because Scott Helme and I will be dong a live stream together for the 5th anniversary of my weekly update vids. We'd love questions and topics in advance or just drop in on the day, we're planning it for 18:00 Gold Coast time on Friday 24 which will be 09:00 that morning in London and ridiculous o'clock everywhere in the US. A few other random things in this weeks vid, the one worth following up on here though is the promised tweet about how to handle the Epik breach and the result so far is, well, let's just say I think I nailed the public sentiment in the video:

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  1. The kids are really loving 3P printed articulated snakes in rainbow filament (that's a link to the STL on Thingiverse)
  2. Facebook blue-ticked me! ("Facebook confirmed that this is the authentic profile for this public figure")
  3. This is a great thread looking inside the Epik breach data ("anonymisation" is often useless once source data is exposed)
  4. The book is almost done! (register there and you'll be notified as soon as part of it are available)
  5. Sponsored by: 1Password is a secure password manager and digital wallet that keeps you safe online
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