Weekly Update 269

Where does the time go? The video is an hour and 35 mins today, I suspect in part because I've done it on a Saturday morning with a bit more time to spare and, well, there was just a lot of stuff happening. I did make up for working on a Saturday by then heading straight down to the beach and it was perfect!

The water looked so perfect that true to my word, we then had to go jet skiing 😎

But yeah - back to cyber - here's this week's video. Enjoy!

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  1. The home office upgrades are coming along nicely (thread there with the wall-mounted screen and camera along with a sample of the sound absorbing material that'll cover the wall and ceiling)
  2. I'm 3D printing some pretty epic city maps (Oslo and Sydney will adorn the wall on "The 3D Printing Room")
  3. Here's the thread on the Google Nest Protect smoke alarms I installed in May (still really happy with these, does precisely what you'd expect them to)
  4. ActMobile was probably breached, but they're denying it and have threatened Bob Diachenko (given the circumstances, I've flagged this one as "unverified")
  5. Robinhood was definitely breached (5M+ subscribers, apparently)
  6. Angling Direct in the UK was also definitely breached, with visitors to their site being presented with an entirely different kind of tackle (and that's one of the less bad jokes I've seen about this incident!)
  7. Beg bounties are a terrible practice that should die a fiery death (although I'm a little tempted to mess with them a little more... 🙂)
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