Merry #pwnedmas!

Like most of my good ideas, this one came completely by accident. The other day I was packaging up some swag to send to the winner of my impromptu best "Anonymous" meme competition and I decided to share the following tweet:

And I was promptly hit by many, many requests for 3D printed HIBP logos. That was kinda the point of buying the 3D printer in the first place (to print cool swag), and I really love that people are excited by my handiwork. However, I can't just give this stuff to everyone that asks for it, I mean there's gotta be some gamification to the whole thing. So, to make things interesting, I've come up with #pwnedmas:

Each day between now and Christmas day, I'm going to send a swag pack to one random person who downloads the preview of my book "Pwned".

This is super easy, just head on over to and chuck in your name and email address. You'll immediately get the preview (which is pretty cool in and of itself), then each day I'll also pick out a random name and they'll get a lovingly hand-crafted 3D HIBP logo, a big stash of HIBP stickers and I might even slip in a few cheeky Scott Helme stickers too 😎 I want to post these out as fast as I can and if you get one, I'd love you to tweet it out with the hashtag #pwnedmas and I'll give it a share.

I don't get to go places and give these out anymore so this is the next best thing. Get on over to and enter to win, I'll go fire up the 3D printer!

Have I Been Pwned
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