Weekly Update 270

I'm outdoors! I've really wanted to get my mobile recording setup slick for some time now and after a bunch of mucking around with various mics (and a bit of "debugging in production" during this video), I'm finally really happy with it. I've just watched this back and other than mucking around with the gain in the first part of the video, I reckon it's great. The one thing I'll change in the future (and I don't know when I'll next do this outdoors, TBH) is to plug the RØDE lapel mic into the wireless unit. So, enjoy the absolutely amazing Gold Coast weather and hear some cyber things while you're at it 😎

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  1. I've given up; the RØDE  VideoMic Me-L just isn't going to work on my iPhone 13 Pro Max (I suspect this is more likely Apple's fault than RØDE's)
  2. I've finalised the filaments for my 3D map printing (matte white for the top, matte black for the bottom)
  3. I have to find a better way to do disclosure (I didn't expect to solve it with that thread, but it did give me a lot of food for thought)
  4. I spoke about "The Evolution of the Employee" (that's in my </pfizer> blog post from 2015)
  5. It's #pwnedmas! (I'm giving away stickers and 3D printed logos every day to a rando who has signed up for my free book preview)
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