Weekly Update 271

It's been a busy week with lots of little bits and pieces demanding my attention. Coding, IoT'ing, 3D printing and a milestone academic event for Ari:

No major things in this weeks update, but plenty of things on all the above topics and more. Next week we're taking a short holiday then I'll be back in time to talk about that and more next Friday. For now, here's edition 271 (crikey, that's a lot), enjoy!

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  1. Still powering ahead with my 3D printed map of Oslo (I'll keep updating that thread until it's done)
  2. I got 3D scanned by a VECTRA M3 (it sounds more exciting than it was, but it's still a pretty cool machine)
  3. Played around with Polycam 3D to make a map of the house (need an iPhone Pro for the LiDAR)
  4. New profile pic inbound! (I got 11 years out of the old one, but... I've aged)
  5. I'm sending out the #pwnedmas swag and there's still plenty of time to enter (just sign up for the free preview of my book and you're in)
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