Weekly update 27

Another week down and looking back, I'm not sure precisely what I did. I mean I know I was busy, but you ever have one of those weeks where you just wonder where the time went? Although in fairness, a big chunk of it went to finishing off my latest Pluralsight course on "What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS". Whilst my work there is done, there's still review and processes and other things that have to happen on Pluralsight's end (they put a lot of effort into quality control), so I suspect I'll feel like I've achieved a bit more in my week once it hits the air. I talk a bit about it in this week's update, plus a bunch of new breaches loaded into HIBP and a piece I've been working on for a long time about how to properly communicate data breaches if (when) they occur.

Lastly, next week I'll be driving after picking up something new and shiny a long way away so I might try the next update from the car with a guest companion. Let's see how that goes :)

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  1. Another 140 data breaches went into HIBP (WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?!)
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