Weekly Update 277

Well that all changed very quickly. One week ago, I was like "I'm going to do this video from somewhere really epic next week". A few hours after that video, the host of the drinks we'd gone to over the road the day before told us she had symptoms. Another few hours later and she's COVID positive. A few days after that and Charlotte is positive too. Then, after 5 days isolating in the master bedroom at home, she's negative. That was weird. It's all weird, not just for us but for everyone at the moment. But this experience did fundamentally change many of our views about the pandemic from the contagiousness of it (off the charts) to the health outcomes (relatively minor for those around us who caught it) to the availability and usefulness of tests (next to none, and minimal). That's all it is this week - our experiences of COVID and what we've learned from it finally entering our house.

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