Weekly Update 278

I recorded this a week after Charlotte appeared with me, fresh out of isolation with a negative COVID test. However... 9 year old Elle had tested positive on Monday (albeit entirely asymptomatic, so no idea how long she'd been positive) but hey, hopefully she'd be clear today. Yeah, nah and to top it off, 12 year old Ari was positive. Also entirely asymptomatic (and double-vaxed) so instead of ending today with our freedom, we're ending day 15 of our ongoing isolation in, well, more ongoing isolation. If only this family could grasp the concept of parallel processing rather than running the whole thing out in sequence... But hey, we're in a wonderful environment, everyone is well and it's near beer o'clock at the time of writing so life remains good 😎 🍺

Oh - and a bunch of cyber-things happened, more below 👇

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  1. You might not think it's spam, but when 94.4% of other people think it is, it's probably spam (I'm still pursing Avast for an answer on this)
  2. The Prusa MMU2S is a a very fickle beast (since recording earlier today, I've gotten reliability after tightening the idler screws on it just perfectly... and when the wind is blowing in the right direction on a waxing moon)
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