Weekly Update 279

It's mostly breaches this week and that's mostly business as usual, except for one. I didn't know whether I should speak about the one that frankly, upset me, but I felt it would be somewhat disingenuous not to. I couldn't on the one hand build out this "brand", for want of a better term, of transparency and then just shelve a breach and not talk about it because it's too uncomfortable. So, here it is, and hopefully that's the last I'll think about it for a very long time.

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  1. Indian Fashion Retailer Data Leaked on Darknet Marketplace (yeah, nah, it's on the clear web, which is even worse)
  2. The Brian Krebs book I was trying to remember is Spam Nation (not just carding, heaps of other interesting stuff too)
  3. The other book I was thinking of is American Kingpin, also a great read (this one is about Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road amrketplace)
  4. Turn your Ubiquiti Dream Machine into R2D2 with this awesome 3D print (plus, the Dream Machine supports the AR LiDAR stuff above)
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