Weekly update 28 (Sydney Harbour Bridge edition)

So the plan this week was to record the update whilst driving from Melbourne to Sydney with Lars Klint in the new car. And I did - record it that is - but due to some screwyness with Lars' GoPro, it turns out that "recording" is not the same as "actually saving it to the SD card". Fortunately, I successfully capture a review we did on the car and I'll look at editing that up later on, but for now there's a short clip on Twitter that illustrates one of the things I love about it (and oh boy - some of the repsonses to that tweet!)

But onto news of the more usual kind, this week I'm talking about "the world's most prolific hacker", why the privacy of everyone's data in HIBP is important and I share some insights into the data behind the (alleged) Apple iCloud hack. That last one in particular is quite fascinating and I'll blog it in detail early next one once I have all the data together.

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  1. I found the world's most prolific hacker! (but seriously, thin a bit about how this imagery is used in the media)
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