Weekly Update 281

I feel like perfect audio remains an unsolved problem for me. Somehow, a low "hiss" has slipped in over the last couple of weeks and messing around trying to solve it before recording this video only served to leave me without any audio at all on the first attempt, and the status quo remaining on the second attempt. And I still can't use my Apollo Twin DAC as an input device almost a year on from when I bought it. Perhaps, that's where the remainder of my weekend will go, burning hours messing around with drivers and tracking down electrical interference 🤦‍♂️ In the meantime, here's this week's vid, a little shorter and sweeter this time:

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  1. What paint when you can 3D print? (ok, so it was a little more complex than what the tweet suggested, but I still reckon it was the best approach)
  2. Cloudflare and Microsoft teamed up to cover my massive Azure bandwidth bill (I'm really hoping this is a net positive for all with greater awareness of cloud costs and controls as a result of my blog post)
  3. The "No Strings" breach was a breach, but the data wasn't real... (...except for the email addresses which belonged to real people and were misused to create a fake site)
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