Weekly Update 282

Just listening back to this now, I'm really happy with the Focusrite Scarlett Solo DAC that has replaced the old setup. Super simple, one of the cheapest of all the options and just works! Good times. The other thing of note as I put this video into a blog post is that I definitely want to carve out time to write up that DigiCert blog post I discussed. It's just such a nonsensical piece that's so easily debunked yet still has a veneer of integrity. It's just the sort of thing that makes me want to put everything else I had planned aside for a few hours and get it off my chest, so stay tuned for that one 😊

Oh - and one small correction: it was Ian Carroll that got the Stripe EV cert (which I should have known, given I'd written about it!), Burton got the Identity Verified one.

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  1. This Focusrite DAC tweet is at the end of a long thread of pain (now I just need to 3D print a nice little bracket to mount it under the desk somewhere)
  2. It's lovely to see nice feedback about my workshops 😊 (I'm still running these remotely, I've just swapped jetlag for early mornings!)
  3. DigiCert - how desperate are they to sell EV certs?! (read the link in that tweet for the full crazy on how they think normal humans will interact with certs and address bars)
  4. TripIt - for unknown reasons - have begun demanding your date of birth (I've logged a ticket with them requesting more information, let's see what comes back)
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