Weekly Update 284

A little late this week as the tail end of travel bites into my time, but it's nice to be home again (albeit amidst a period of record rainfall). I'll get back on a normal schedule next week but for now, here's all the usual stuff in number 284, complete with a super cool "ransomwear" hoodie from this week's sponsor, Varonis 😎

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  1. The Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group Mary Litynski Award (seeing industry recognition for HIBP is enormously fulfilling)
  2. Hacktivist action against Russia might be well-intentioned, but is fraught with problems (a kid in their bedroom on the other side of the world is a very different story to someone on the ground defending their livelihood)
  3. The documentary I was referring to is We Are Legion (watch the kids / very young adults who partook in hacktivist activity against PayPal and consider how endorsed many of them actually were in the cause, and the consequences they subsequently faced)
  4. Making Pwned Passwords go really fast (how many thousands of requests do you think you can make per second?)
  5. Sponsored by: Varonis. Reduce your ransomware blast radius with the leader in data-first security. Try it free!
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