Weekly Update 285

With travel now behind me, I'm back to a stable schedule and doing these on time again. Mind you, I came home to some of the wildest weather I've ever seen here, but it was kinda cool to watch and the kids didn't complain getting days off school. Oh - and I also loaded a bunch of new data breaches this week, the Robinhood one from earlier today being particularly noteworthy with more than 5M unique email addresses. At that and more in this week's update.

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  1. The weather here got a bit crazy, check out how much dirt got dumped into the waterways (drone footage courtesy of Heather Downing)
  2. So much water the kids were literally kayaking out of our boat shed (that'll happen on a king tide anyway, but the official tide height was 30cm below that so... if it ever rained like this on a king tide...)
  3. I'm going with "dead as a doornail" as far as this screen is concerned (weird when "only" a 27" wide + an ultrawide is barely sufficient...)
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