Weekly Update 291

Bit of a long one this week, just due to a bunch of stuff all coinciding at the same time. The drone is obviously the coolest one and it was interesting to hear other people's experiences with theirs. This is just super cool tech and I can't remember the last time I looked at a consumer product and thought "wow, I didn't know they could do that!" Check that out and a whole heap more in this week's video below 👇

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  1. As travel gradually resumes, there are more events you can now catch me at (stay tuned for one in Tasmania in July too)
  2. It was 7 years ago today I left a 14 year career at Pfizer... (...and never once looked back!)
  3. The DJI Air 2S drone is insanely awesome! (I'll keep posting to that thread as I work out how to use the thing)
  4. Can't see myself doing it, but yeah, you can 3D print a frame to mount a cut up noodle to your drone (amphibious landings anyone?)
  5. I really don't like password strength indicators like this (there's really nothing of practical use people can take away from them)
  6. Hey, here's a blog post on how much I dislike password strength meters! (5 years later, still all true)
  7. RaidForums is no more (and just like that, something else has stepped in and taken its place)
  8. The North Macedonian government has become the 32nd to get access to HIBP APIs for monitoring and querying their gov domains (that's the third one in a row from that region of the world)
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