Breach Disclosure Blow-by-Blow: Here's Why It's so Hard

For many years now, I've lamented about how much of my time is spent attempting to disclose data breaches to impacted companies. It's by far the single most time-consuming activity in processing breaches for Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) and frankly, it's about the most thankless task I can imagine. Finding contact details is hard. Getting responses is hard. Not having an organisation just automatically assume you're trying to shake them down for cash is hard. So hard, in fact, I thought I'd record the process end-to-end and share it publicly to help demonstrate just how painful the process is.

I'd filed the (alleged) Avvo breach away in the "too hard" basket a long time ago and it was only after seeing this tweet last week that a distant bell rang in my head:

On a hunch that this wasn't going to be an easy process, I started recording and kicked off my usual disclosure process. It failed - completely - but at least now I have a complete blow-by-blow of everything I've done, who I've contacted and who I've even engaged with yet still, to no avail. Here's the whole thing:

The Avvo data breach is now searchable in HIBP. By the time I sent out notifications, they went to 20,183 individuals monitoring their accounts and a further 9,637 people monitoring domains with impacted email addresses. I'll update this post with any further relevant information if it comes up in the future.

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