Weekly Update 292

Well that was an unusual ending. Both my mouse and keyboard decided to drop off right at the end of this week's video and without any control whatsoever, there was no way to end the live stream! Wired devices from kids borrowed, I eventually got back control and later discovered that all things Bluetooth had suddenly decided to die without any warning whatsoever. I certainly wasn't updating drivers mid-live stream or anything like that so... 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, other than that it's business as usual this week, enjoy!

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  1. The shots I'm getting with the new drone are amazing! (it's crazy how much tech is jammed into this little thing)
  2. I'm disappointed that Mailchimp has stopped offering a discount for users with 2FA enabled (I'd really love to think there was an ROI for them offering the discount)
  3. You'd think an Attorney General's office would have better things to do than forwarding on a complaint from someone who thinks HIBP has been breached (seriously, it'd take about 3 mins for anyone paying attention to understand what's going on)
  4. Disclosing data breaches is still way too hard (people found it painful to watch a 1 hour 15 minute video of me trying to disclose to Avvo - good - that's the point - it's painful!)
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