Weekly Update 293

Didn't get a lot done this week, unless you count scuba diving, snorkelling, spear fishing and laying around on tropical sand cays 😎 This week is predominantly about the time we just spent up on the Great Barrier Reef which has very little relevance to infosec, IoT, 3D printing and the other usual topics. But as I refer to in the guitar lessons blog post referenced below, I share what I do pretty transparently and organically and this week, that's what I want to talk about. So, either enjoy it or skip it until next week when I'll back to business as usual 😊

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  1. I followed Lars' guidance and installed the physical mailbox sensor (so far, I'm unhappy with it, more next week)
  2. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of my guitar lessons blog post (watch the Ricky Gervais bit, it's funny... and true)
  3. Pictures speak a thousand words... especially when they're amazing pictures of the Great Barrier Reef (that's the tweet thread of an amazing holiday)
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