Weekly Update 294

It's back to business as usual with more data breaches, more poor handling of them and more IoT pain. I think on all those fronts there's a part of me that just likes the challenge and the opportunity to fix a broken thing. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for punishment, I don't know, but either way it's kept me entertained and given me plenty of new material for this week's video 😊

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  1. The book is almost ready to launch! (I've totally rewritten the intro, tweaked a bunch of the stories and added more - hopefully only a month off go-live)
  2. My fallback position for the IoT not working is literally climbing over the wall (I'm going to solve - and blog - this issue around too much broadcast traffic)
  3. Speaking of broadcast traffic, rolling from MQTT to the native Home Assistant Shelly integrations has been... not very good (I don't want to blame HA for this, it's a network-level issue)
  4. The wifi proximity sensor I installed in my mailbox is heading for "the drawer of broken dreams" (I spoke the Lars after recording and he agreed - it sucks!)
  5. I'll be speaking at AusCERT on the Gold Coast next week (I've decided to call my talk "Pwning Compromised Passwords with the FBI and NCA")
  6. How PayHere in Sri Lanka has handled their data breach is pretty much a textbook example of what not to do (although kudos to the CEO for eventually apologising and acknowledging they "messed up")
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