Weekly Update 296

Data breaches, 3D printing and passwords - just the usual variety of things this week. More specifically, that really cool Pwned Passwords downloader that I know a bunch of people have been waiting on, and now we've finally released. It hits the existing k-anonymity API over 1 million times and that API is already going on 2 billion requests a month so I'm kinda curious to see what happens if everyone starts running the downloader at the same time... 🤔

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  1. This is a much better guide to what causes a 3D printer hot end to leak out the top of the heat block (the image there makes easy to understand)
  2. Since I broke the heater cartridge anyway, a Revo 6 should do the job (see how the nozzle and heat break are all one part)
  3. The Pwned Passwords downloader is here! (this is a great little tool put together by Stefán)
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