Weekly Update 297

So I basically spent my whole day yesterday playing with Ubiquiti gear and live-tweeting the experience 😊 This was an unapologetically geeky pleasure and it pretty much dominates this week's video but hey, it's a fun topic. Still, there's a bunch of data breach stuff up front and as I write this, 25M more records courtesy of the MGM breach are making their way up into HIBP. Get ready for a bunch of notification emails going out on that one. Here's this week's video:

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  1. Finally worked out how to handle the MGM breach (it's loading now as a new breach to ensure HIBP subscribers are appropriately notified)
  2. The Ubiquiti G4 PTZ is a mighty looking camera! (it'll take a professional to get it mounted though, stay tuned for more)
  3. The G4 Doorbell Pro is a little more accessible and has a remarkably better picture quality than the old "standard" one (I know it's sold it, Ubiquiti knows it's sold out, fingers crossed for more supply soon)
  4. The in-wall wifi 6 units look almost identical to the previous gen... (but they're not - they much more nicely made)
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