Weekly Update 301

First up, I'm really sorry about the audio quality on this one. It's the exact same setup I used last week (and carefully tested first) but it's obviously just super sensitive to the wind. If you look at the trees in the background you can see they're barely moving, but inevitably that was enough to really mess with the audio quality. I do actually have a windsock for the mic, but it's in a drawer at home so for the remainder of this trip it'll be indoor recording only. Speaking of which, because there was a lot of enthusiasm for Charlotte and I to do one together on the cultural differences we've both experienced living in different parts of the world, that'll be next week's video. Less techie, but hopefully something you'll all enjoy 😊

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  1. NDC Melbourne was very much like a reunion being the first NDC event we've been back to since London in Jan 2020 (and being able to share it with the kids made it extra special 😊)
  2. The travel thread continues, with much more to come yet before hitting home (a lot of gorgeous Aussie countryside scenes in there, and the best is yet to come)
  3. Sixt had a data breach (but don't worry, lots of European companies are being hacked!)
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