Weekly Update 304

It's very much a last-minute agenda this week as I catch up on the inevitable post-travel backlog and pretty much just pick stuff from my tweet timeline over the week 😊 But hey, there's some good stuff in there and I still managed to knock out almost an hour worth of content!

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  1. La Poste Mobile got themselves ransom'd and their data dumped (and they're still offline)
  2. Mangatoon are very clearly covering up their breach (which is now hard to do given it's in HIBP and received plenty of press)
  3. The "Seconds" app is my secret presenting sauce! (any workout app that can run a sequence of timed intervals will do it)
  4. I'm totally loving Apple's AirTags to track all my things! (not loving that my AMG is still sitting Melbourne 🤦‍♂️)
  5. The Wi-Fi BBQ thermometer is actually really neat (and it does benefit from being connected, too)
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