Weekly Update 303

And we're finally done with this trip. 26 days, 14 different accommodations, 5,146km of driving through 4 states and the last 4 weekly vids all done on the road. Travel is great, but right now going home is even better 😊 Next week's vid will be back in my comfy office with good lighting, video, audio and better planning. Until then, here's a (late) weekly update 303:

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  1. If you're going to scrape someone else's content, don't embed the images directly off their site! (referrer header based Rickrolls 😎)
  2. The Shanghai police data breach is massive... (if it turns out to be legitimate)
  3. SHA-1 is fine and k-anonymity isn't PII (and frankly, if an organisation doesn't understand these simple facts, they've got bigger issues to deal with)
  4. The Polish government is the 34th to use HIBP's gov service (and I'm still toying with the idea of doing a "visit all the govs" tour one day)
  5. My 12th MVP award came in this week (it's still such an important part of my career 😊)
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