Weekly Update 310

By all accounts, this was one of the best weekly updates ever courtesy of a spam caller giving me a buzz at the 38:40 mark and struggling with "pwn" versus "porn". It resulted in an entertaining little on-air call and subsequently caused me to go out and register both and I figure these will result in much ongoing hilarity the next time I get a call of this nature about one of those domains 🤣 Oh - and there's a whole bunch of data breach stuff this week, enjoy!

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  1. The Mudge v. Twitter scandal has some pretty serious accusations in it (there's a 6 min CNN vid in that tweet that's worth a look)
  2. Plex has gone for another round of data breach this week (actually pretty impressed that they now have 30M subscribers!)
  3. LastPass has also gone for another round (I know the optics aren't good, but the real world impact of this is almost certainly insignificant)
  4. I got a very convincing SMS phish this week (think about the human vulnerabilities this exploits, no wonder phishing remains so lucrative)
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