Weekly Update 323

Finally, after nearly 3 long years, I'm back in Norway! We're here at last, leaving our sunny paradise for a winter wonderland. It's almost surreal given how much has happened in that time, not just the pandemic but returning to Oslo with Charlotte as my Norwegian wife is super cool 😎 Other things this week are not so different, namely people complaining on Twitter (albeit also complaining about Twitter). As I find myself continually caveating, YMMV but it does feel like events are being overly dramatised by some at present. Time will tell, but I think we'll all still be using the platform to complain about things just as effectively in a year from now as we are today 🙂

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  1. Catch me this week in Oslo doing a free meetup for NDC and NNUG (Tuesday from 17:00 onwards)
  2. Have you heard there's some controversy surrounding Twitter at present? (geez this thread opened a can of worms, it's a massively divisive topic right now)
  3. Acxiom didn't get breached, but that doesn't stop people shipping around "The Acxiom Breach" (I hate breach misattribution with a passion)
  4. You can now get Pwned for 30% less! (because it's a holiday in America, we've made my book cheaper 😊)
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