Weekly Update 324

We're in Copenhagen! Scott and family joined us in Oslo for round 2 of wedding celebrations this week before jumping on the ferry to Copenhagen and seeing the sights here. There's lots of cyber things in this week's vid relating to HIBP's birthday, Medibank and financial penalties for breaches, but I'm just going to leave you with one of the most amazing moments of my life captured in pics:

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  1. Scott joined Charlotte and I for our second wedding celebration in Oslo (a very special occasion with some amazing pics... just wait until you see what's coming)
  2. I stopped by NDC in Oslo this week to do a joint user group for them and NNUG (first time back in Oslo for almost 3 years!)
  3. It's HIBP's 9th birthday today (well that escalated... quickly?)
  4. The ransomware crew that hit Medibank has announced "case closed" (it's certainly far from that for Medibank, but hopefully that's the end of dumped data)
  5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is throwing shade at Australia for attributing the Medibank hack back to Russian criminals (this was always going to get messy)
  6. The Aus government has laid down some serious maximum penalties for future data breaches ("maximum" being the operative word, this isn't about killing companies)
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