Weekly Update 326

Despite having both my tripod and mic in the wrong suitcase in the wrong place, Scott and I still pulled together a weekly vid from the Norwegian mountains. Much of this week is a combination of our travels here, responses to my tweets around cookie warnings and reactions to Elon's various decisions (and undecisions) on Twitter. Plus, there's the CoinTracker and Gemini breaches which appear to have stemmed from the SendGrid breach, the connection to that incident having been made by CoinTracker just after we had a friendly exchange about the description in HIBP 🙂

I'll leave you with some epic pics we snapped a few hours after this video, what a sight to behold, especially whilst sitting in the hot tub with good friends and cold beer 😊

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  1. 99% of people vehemently hate cookie warnings, and 1% just want to argue about whose fault it is 🤷‍♂️ (that tiny minority is really missing the point)
  2. Reading Elon's tweets is... entertaining (but the propensity for some to be outraged at his every move is also... entertaining)
  3. The penny dropped whilst doing this livestream that CoinTracker has now published a post specifically naming SendGrid as the "third party" that exposed their data (wonder why they - and Gemini - didn't initially name them?)
  4. Sponsored by: Kolide believes that maintaining endpoint security shouldn’t mean compromising employee privacy. Check out our manifesto: Honest Security.
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