Weekly Update 327

It's my last weekly update on the road for a while! As enjoyable as travel is, I'm looking forward to getting back to a normal routine and really starting to smash out some of the goals I have for the coming year. For now though, I've published this a couple of days after recording, and a day after an awesome hot, beachside Christmas. Hope yours has been amazing too, see you from home next week 😊

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  1. LastPass has added an update re their recent security incident (if keychains have been downloaded - even fully encrypted ones - that's bad news)
  2. Personally, I quite like the public view count on all tweets (if you dislike it just purely because it was introduced under Elon's reign, that's a different problem)
  3. Sponsored by: 1Password, a secure password manager, is building the passwordless experience you deserve. See how passkeys work
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