Weekly Update 328

We made it! That's 2022 done and dusted, and what a year it was, both professionally and personally. It feels great to get to the end of the year with all the proverbial ducks lined up, some massive achievements now behind us (not least of which was the wedding), and a clean slate coming into 2023 to do amazing things. I'm super excited about next year and can't wait to share a whole bunch of new stuff over the coming 52 Fridays. For now though, here's the last of it from a pretty crazy year, enjoy 😊

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  1. We spent Xmas day poolside in Singapore (yes, some places in the world are actually hot when Santa comes!)
  2. Could ChatGPT be used to toy with spammers? (let's find out, I'll keep the thread updated with any responses 🙂)
  3. I've been shuffling around a bunch of my Home Assistant entities from switches to lights (anecdotally, these changes appear to have really improved things thus far)
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