Weekly Update 330

Big week! So big, in fact, that I rushed into this week's update less prepared and made it a very casual one, which is just fine 😊 It's mostly password books and kitchen equipment this week, both topics which had far more engagement than I expected but made them all the more interesting. Next week I'll get back into the pattern of switching between last thing Friday and first thing Friday so it'll be my morning again on the 20th, see you then!

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  1. After all this week's action, I was a little bit less organised today (link through to a Facebook post, I put a lot more pics and vids there than on other platforms)
  2. I'm ok with password books (you can buy them down at our local post office)
  3. I'm so ok with password books, that I wrote an entire blog post on it a few years ago (well, on that and other aspects of why chasing the perfect security solution isn't the right approach)
  4. It's looking increasingly dire for 3rd party Twitter clients using their API (surely it would be communicated in advance if they were being killed?)
  5. My kitchen rebuild tweet thread had some awesome responses to it (the suggestions there will definitely help shape the final product)
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