Weekly Update 332

Breaches all over the place today! Well, this past week, and there's some debate as to whether one of them is a breach, a scrape or if the term just doesn't matter anyway. Plus, we've been kitchen shopping, I'm helping friends out with connected doorbells and other random but somehow related things this week. Enjoy 😊

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  1. I'll be "at" GOTO Aarhus in May (there online, but definitely speaking at the show)
  2. Following all the awesome input, we decided to forego the teppanyaki plate on the Bora Professional 3.0 (there's a surprising amount of good culinary advice from my audience!)
  3. Zurich Japan was breached (big name, but small portion of people already in HIBP)
  4. Autotrader had a heap of data breacraped (breached? scraped? does it matter?)
  5. Speaking of which, when actually is a scrape a breach? (my more concerted thoughts on the matter all in one place)
  6. Norwegian adventure store KomplettFritid was also breached (apparently, they decided to not tell their customers)
  7. GoTo, the owner of LastPass, "shared more bad news" (I do have some historical views on this organisation...)
  8. Hey, it's my views on GoTo! (nearly 13 years old now, but this remains poor behaviour IMHO)
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