Weekly Update 333

Getting everything out nice and early today so we can get out there in hit the wake park in the balmy "well over 30C" weather (the radio is talking about "severe heatwave weather" as I write this). But hey, we're surrounded by water and a beer delivery is due today so no crisis 😎 There's also a heap more data breach news and I'll be putting that connected BBQ to use for the first time today, stay tuned for epic pics on all of the above over the coming hours!

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  1. HTTPS still doesn't equal trust, it never did, it never will and Aussie Broadband were way off the mark to imply otherwise (they did later recant on that position, but the messaging still isn't completely right)
  2. Namesco in the UK sent out messaging to customers which shows they have absolutely no idea about some of the most basic, fundamental tents of how SSL works (hoping we get a follow-up on this, it's inexcusable in this day and age)
  3. Planet Ice in the UK was breached (240k people with 82% of them already in HIBP)
  4. Pitt Meadows School District in British Columbia was breached (only 0.1% of accounts were already in HIBP)
  5. I'm getting seriously sick of the lack of proper disclosure from many organisations (it really isn't this hard - it shouldn't be this hard)
  6. I bought a connected BBQ! (stay tuned for deliciousness 🤤)
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