Weekly Update 334

Did I really need to get a connected BBQ? No more than I needed to connect most of the other things in the house which is to say "a bit useful but not entirely necessary". But it's a fascinating process when looked at through the lens of how accessible the technology is to your average person given it's embedded in a consumer-orientated product. In short - it's painful - but listen to this week's update to hear precisely why. Plus, there's a heap of new data breach and some really, really good news about the NTLM hashes now being available in Pwned Passwords. Enjoy 😊

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  1. BBQ'ing shouldn't be this hard (not the cooking, I mean getting the damn thing connected to the network!)
  2. Instant Checkmate was breached (12M email addresses right there)
  3. TruthFinder was also breached (same parent company, another 8M addresses there)
  4. The LimeVPN breach also went into HIBP (you really want to be able to trust your VPN provider)
  5. Weee was breached too (another case where it was too hard to get in touch with them)
  6. Full parity for NTLM hashes in Pwned Passwords is now live! (once again, bit shout out to Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson for his work on this)
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