Weekly Update 335

No cyber. It's literally a "cyber-free" week, as least far as the term relates to security things. Instead, I'm unboxing an armful of Insta360 goodies and lamenting the state of IoT whilst putting even more IoT things into our massive garage renovation. I'm enjoying it though. Honestly. I think...

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  1. The Ubiquiti AI Bullet camera with license plate recognition is... 😲 (as for criticism received for pointing a security camera into a public place, that's... 🤦‍♂️)
  2. Trying to find an IoT door lock that does everything is... 🤬 (unfortunately, the best one I can find doesn't actually exist yet)
  3. When it does launch, the Aqara U100 looks pretty sweet (really liking the Apple Home Key integration in particular)
  4. The digitally rendered video for our upgraded garage is... 😲 (lots of detail needs to change, but you get the idea)
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