Weekly Update 336

Hey, it's double-Troy! I'm playing with the Insta360 Link cam, a gimbal-based model that can follow you around the room. It's tiny and pretty awesome for what it is, I'm doing some back-to-back with that and my usual Sony a6400 this week. A little note on that: during the live stream someone suggested there was some lag from that camera (very minor, they suggested), but others couldn't see it. I've just been watching a bit of the video while writing up this post and I reckon they're right. Try the 3:02 mark, for example, where on Insta360 Link I have my finger up but on the Sony a6400, I don't:

It's very minor, but it's just enough to notice. Anyway, see what you think, all that a much more in weekly update 336:

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  1. I spoke at the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia this week (very happy to see cybersecurity on the agenda at a finance conference)
  2. These Insta360 cameras are kinda blowing my mind 🤯 (super weird to think of 360 video that allows you to later go back and "point the camera" wherever you wanted it to be)
  3. 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 (maybe I just like putting rabbit emojis in a blog post title, or maybe the firewall stuff with Cloudflare, Stripe and OWASP was an interesting little adventure)
  4. Twitter is killing SMS-based 2FA if you're not paying them any money (their messaging was poor, but the outcome is probably the right one)
  5. What happens if your DNA get pwned? (probably nothing... yet)
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