Weekly Update 337

Guns! You know, the things you kinda want to keep pretty well protected and out of the hands of nefarious parties, like the kinds of folks that following their data breach could match firearms to an individual at an address on a phone number of a gender and specific age. But don't worry, no financial information was compromised! 🤦‍♂️

All that and more in the 337th addition of my weekly update, enjoy!

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  1. got pwned (it only took them 2 months to tell absolutely nobody about it too)
  2. The Ticketcounter hackers have been pwned (3 kids, surprise surprise)
  3. The office acoustic work is finally complete! (I love this, it's amazing 😍)
  4. The Ubiquiti AI 360 cam is really impressive (check out how that fisheye view can be flatted into frames of other parts of the room)
  5. We got burgled - but only a little bit (I'm more annoyed about the lapses in my own security, but mitigating controls ultimately made this a non-event)
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