Weekly Update 342

Next time I post a poll about something as simple as "when is next Friday", I don't expect I'll get as much interest. Of course "next time" will be whatever poll follows the last one, not the poll that falls after that one! But more seriously, I cannot think of a better example of ambiguous language that's open to interpretation and so easily avoided (hello MM-DD people!)

Also, Genesis Market and Operation Cookie Monster. This is just amazing stuff and a testament to a coalition of law enforcement agencies across the globe that have now made well over 100 arrests. Off the back of the NCA's DDoS market honeypot, the BreachForums admin arrest and the takedown of RaidForums before that, if you're playing in this space you'd have to be looking over your shoulder by now. Interesting times in cyber(crime) space.

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  1. I'll be in New Zealand next Friday, which is the Friday that falls at the end of next week, not the week after (what is wrong with 78% of people?! 🤣)
  2. And now I know how an epoxy floor is laid (think of it as "feeding chickens")
  3. "Operation Cookie Monster" is a fascinating story of identity theft, a coalition of law enforcement agencies, and HIBP 😊 (millions of email addresses and passwords provided by the FBI are now searchable)
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