Weekly Update 346

It's a bit of a mixed bag this week with a very light-hearted look at the death of the browser padlock icon (which has been replaced by an icon that looks like a sex act), and a much more serious discussion about divorce. It took a long time to write and be ready to publish that blog post, many years in fact, but I'm so glad I did. You don't have to scroll far through the responses to the launch tweet or the comments on the blog itself to get a sense of how it's impacted people, and as I said in the very opening of the post, this sort of openness tends to be really well received. Wherever you are in your own stage of life, I hope you enjoying reading that post and share it generously with those for whom it might just make a real difference.

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  1. Catch me at the cybersecurity unlocked meetup in Perth next week (super casual, no idea what I'm going to be talking about yet 🤔)
  2. You can also catch me keynoting at the Cyber West Summit (loads of good stuff about what I've learned processing billions of breached records for HIBP)
  3. The padlock icon is dead! (long live the, uh... "you know exactly what it looks like" icon 🙄)
  4. The feedback to my blog post on divorce has been pretty amazing (it's obviously a delicate topic and it took me a long time to be ready to talk about it, but doing so seems to have made a difference to a lot of people)
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