Weekly Update 352

Domain searches in HIBP - that's the story this week - and I'm grateful for all the feedback I've received. I've had a few messages in particular since this live stream where people gave me some really excellent feedback to the point where I've now got a much clearer plan in head as to what this will look like. I need to keep writing code, revising the draft blog post to announce it then sometime in hopefully about a month, push it all live. What I'm zero'ing in on now is a free tier that covers most domains, a very low entry fee for almost every personal or small business case you can think of and then a few tiers above that to cover the rest. Do keep that feedback coming, it's all read, it's all taken onboard and I'm responding to absolutely everyone that sends it to me. If you're one of those people, thank you 😊

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  1. The kitchen renovation thread marches on (hopefully during this coming week we'll get it all done other than the stone tops)
  2. My Azure API Management woes have been well and truly solved! (just added those last stats I mentioned to the tweet thread, still don't know why it's going so damn fast now 🤷‍♂️)
  3. The Zacks breach is now in HIBP (disclosure took more effort than it should have, but we got there in the end)
  4. I pushed out a whole new domain search experience along with 5 announcements (the biggy is the impending charges for larger domains, do have a listen and provide your feedback if this feature is important to you)
  5. Sponsored by Kolide can get your cross-platform fleet to 100% compliance. It's Zero Trust for Okta. Want to see for yourself? Book a demo.
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