Weekly Update 353

This feels like a week of minor frustrations with little real world consequence but they just bugged the hell out of me. Couldn't record in my office due to a weird ground loop problem, my Home Assistant instance was unexpectedly rebooting, the Yale IoT door locks had near unprecedentedly bad UX... and then I saw Miele's IoT 😭 Other than that, everything is fine 😊

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  2. Is my Home Assistant a bit unstable because of SD cards, or other? (it's been fine since this video and I did realise later that powering it off mains and having an IoT switch controlled by HA would allow me to power it down, but not back up 😭)
  3. When IoT door locks work as they should, they're beautiful (not in this week's video - both locks had successfully dropped off the network so all remote functionality was dead 😭)
  4. The Miele IoT experience is extraordinarily painful (separately to the IoT, the automatic function to cook a roast completely failed last night and I came downstairs to a cold leg of lamb 😭)
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